Reel goods

From envelopes in paper and film quality through self-adhesive trims and wooden or plastic window bars in the furniture industry to the fitting of plastic profiles in the construction industry: reel goods are an efficient and extremely practical solution for many industries and applications. For cross-wound reels or long rolls in plate form, we can process single and double-sided adhesive tapes with paper, film and foam backing.

We are happy to draw up customer-specific or project-based solution proposals for you.

The processing of cross-wound reels is particularly convincing here. The advantages at a glance:

  • profitable and efficient
  • single-sided or double-sided protruding pull-out aids
  • cover: suitable for self-adhesive provision for envelopes that need to be welded
  • silicone papers are available in various versions
  • as adhesive tapes with various glue qualities for special applications
  • ideal as adhesive glues that need to stick permanently or semi-permanently
  • can be produced in roll lengths of up to 10,000 metres per reel