PEKA-Band 5407


The PE-coated fabric tape is a universal tape and consists of 65 % polyester and 35 % cotton. PEKA-Band 5407 has a matt, neon-colored surface and is coated on one side with a natural rubber adhesive. The tape provides good instant tack and high adhesion to smooth and textured surfaces. It is flexible, easy to label and can be tear by hand. In addition, the cloth tape is non-reflective and can be removed easily and without residue.


PEKA-Band 5407 is ideal for marking. Furthermore, the one sided adhesive cloth tape finds its use in the decorative area, in the effect design and in fixing before and behind the stage.


LDPE coated cloth with release agent | Base carrier: 65 % Polyester | 35 % Cotton | Mesh: #70


Natural rubber


datasheet as PDF file