PEKA-Masker Goldband


PEKA-Masker Goldband is a combination of very thin masking paper with foldable cover foil. The cover film adheres immediately by self-clinging on the surface to be protected. The gold tape has a good adhesive power, is water repellent and has a good removability. Due to its good temperature and UV resistance. The useful life is up to 60 days.


PEKA-Masker Goldband is ideally suited for fast masking and covering of sensitive substrates. The masker is used wherever exact color edges are required and no undercutting of glaze and color is desired. The gold tape with foil protects large surfaces such as walls, furniture, radiators, doors and windows from contamination and paint splashes. PEKA Masker Goldband can be used for long-term use indoors as well as outdoors.


Japanese Flat Paper (Washi Tape) | Film: 100 % HDPE (Polyethylen)




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