PEKA-Masker Krepp Flachkreppband


PEKA-Masker Krepp is a combination of fine crepe tape with a foldable cover film. The crepe adhesive tape with foil has good adhesion, is water-repellent and leaves no residues on the surfaces after working. The masker adheres immediately by self-clinging of the film on the surface to be protected. The useful life is a maximum of 3 weeks.


PEKA-Masker Krepp is ideal for quickly masking and covering a variety of substrates. The masker protects large areas such as walls, furniture, radiators, doors and windows from contamination and paint splashes. PEKA-Masker Krepp has an increased resistance to tearing and a good adhesion and thus prevents the color from running underneath. The masking tape is ideally suited for short term indoor use.


Embossed Paper (Crepe) | Film: 100 % HDPE (Polyethylen)




datasheet as PDF file